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In today’s day and age, it has literally NEVER been easier for men to find the right resources for achieving world-class levels of health.

However, many people are still confused because with easy access often comes information overload. 

And the internet is loaded with 'online guru's' who make all sorts of claims.

It’s incredibly difficult to know who to trust and what information to follow.

Jay Campbell would know. 

Jay has authored three #1 international best-selling books in Men’s Health Optimization within the past 3 years including The TOT Bible, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet and The Definitive TRT MANual. He is also a former Men's Physique Champion.
You’ve got the drive, the passion and the knowledge needed to succeed when everyone around you says “NO!”

But do you really want to do it all alone?

Let’s be honest: There are a lot of unexplored waters in the health optimization space…trying to figure it out all by yourself can be extremely hard and time-consuming.

Most Doctor's DO NOT PRACTICE EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE especially when it comes to optimizing hormones. 

Even fewer understand nutrition, supplementation and exercise science.

Isn't it time you put your trust in experts who know how to balance hormones successfully and are hormonally and physically optimized themselves for close to two decades?

Jay Campbell is living proof of this success. He walks his talk by truly practicing what he preaches!

Because he's been there and done that, he'll tell you THE MOST IMPORTANT THING he's learned from over 25 years of real-world experience in a single sentence:

Extraordinary progress is achieved in the presence of exceptional mentors who can answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction. 

The type of progress experienced by Matias Page in just one year after embracing the lifestyle Jay recommends. 

As you can see, the results speak for themselves.
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"Having access to an industry leader like Jay and his fine work with the TOT bible has turned me life 180 degrees. I feel alive, awake and ready to take on the world every day. My strength has never been higher, my recovery is second to none, I sleep like a rock and my metabolism is humming! 

I've gained 17 lbs of scale weight and not only do I look like a different person, coming from someone who used to fear weight gain (as I was 250lbs obese when I was 18) - I finally don't fear it anymore - my mindset has totally shifted. Thank you Jay Campbell!"

Love you brother!
Kenny W
"I started following and working with Jay after seeing him discuss his books on twitter, and picked up the "TOT Bible" and was blown away at his depth of knowledge and level of detail, supported by study after study. After seeing the level of material Jay was putting out, I also picked up "Metabolic Blow Torch Diet", and it was at the same level, mind blowing info. 

I could go to a hundred doctors or trainers and not get the same level of knowledge in those 2 books alone. They have been a huge jump start for cleaning up my lifestyle, and getting my testosterone optimization dialed in! Reading these puts you ahead of most so called "professionals" in the field!

Rich P
The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet has been a game changer for me. 

Although I have been involved with the world of health and fitness for 12+ years, I still consider myself a humble student in this realm and Jay’s book reinforced this belief. Prior to implementing Jay’s dietary advice, I would diet by doing one “cut” per year. I attained great results doing this but this was unsustainable. I would essentially look great in the summer and then bloated in the Fall/Winter.

Now, my weight is consistent year round and my face looks much better (and younger)

Sonny A
I first came across Jay Campbell and his focus on the importance of hormone replacement therapy and life optimization in the Summer of 2017. Facing turning 50 that Fall, I couldn't ignore how I was feeling. Yes, I trained hard, ate a decent diet, and did the best I could to maintain. But I suffered every single moment of every day from mental cloudiness, excessive soreness after workouts, muscle fatigue, interrupted sleep patterns, and minimal gains from what most would consider brutal training.  

I emailed Jay about my woes. He responded within minutes(much to my surprise), and said my condition was due to age-related testosterone deficiency, 100%. He simply told me I was not Optimized. If you're reading this testimonial, DO NOT hesitate a moment further, read his books, access his information through @TRTExpert and TOTRevolution online, and get your shit straightened out!

Fast forward a year later, and all I can say is I feel F****** amazing! After having a full blood work up, I'm now on a simple regimen of critical supplements and hormone optimization therapy. I actually sleep now for the first time since I can remember. I get more out of shorter workouts, have quicker recovery time, and am mentally sharp. I have more energy for my family, my work, and my wife says I'm a completely different person.  

Ralph W
After speaking to Jay personally, and reading his TOT Bible in a few sittings, my performance and overall lifestyle has increased dramatically. There is now only before optimization and after, with the “after” version now being the only version that’s acceptable. Jays books are easy to read and apply, but he proves drastic changes are possible if taken seriously. Anyone looking to exceed their personal level of fitness or even outlook on life needs to read Jays books, sign up for his content and apply what he says. You won’t regret it.

Steve N
I am a 69 year old male who for over 15+ years has been experiencing a steady decline in testosterone that drastically effected my libido, sexual performance, and general sense of well being. I tried a boat load of supplements and supposedly testosterone boosting products that did nothing to improve my described condition. I repeatedly asked my medical doctors( general practitioner, endocrinologist, and urologist) for help and would at best walk out of their offices with a free sample of Viagra or Cialis.

Then in July of 2018 on Jay Campbell’s Doctor’s Roundtable I heard about the bio identical hormone optimization therapy offer from Dr. Keith Nichols in Cookeville, TN. From the very first phone contact I was treated with care and concern. 

Within three weeks after the initial six GAINSWave treatments and the starting of the regiment of bio identical hormone optimization, I began to experience frequent nightly erections that had not been evident for 15+ years. On top of that I have a tremendous sense of well being, energy and stamina. I am even seeing increased muscle mass from my gym workouts which were not there previously.  

Am I pleased? I am beyond pleased-----I am ecstatic! What Dr Nichols and Jay Campbell have done is a F*KKING MIRACLE at my age! 

Chris S
 I made the decision to begin to loose weight on January 11, 2018. That lead me through serendipitous events to stumble on to your channel, TOT Revolution, and all I can say is, WOW. I began devouring the content you provided like a machine. I just knew that I had to get optimized. 

You kept me motivated and inspired through out this entire year. I have 60 [sixty] fucking pounds of fat off my body because of your motivation and my determination to be disciplined and stay focused.   

You will be pleased to know, I just met with Dr. Keith Nichols, who is helping me take it to the next level. 
A man, who has FOREVER been changed by the work and dedication of men like the both of you.  

I weep from a grateful heart, as it is all I have to offer. 
Thank you for being a beacon of hope and a light to the options men have.   

Carl J
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